At a glance

humans from six countries have automated more than
processes with alanda. These support
users in their daily work. For them alanda has completed
tasks which has freed up time for inspiring and motivating work.

Open, honest and transparent

Our team members have their roots in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and Vietnam. Regardless where you are from or what you believe, or don’t, here is a place for you. We openly communicate if something bothers us, as we see conflicts as opportunities for personal growth. We are proud about our talents and strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses. Only by dealing transparently with our shortcomings we can become better humans.

Ambitious for the challenge

We are 100% convinced that most of the daily routine work can be automated. We create solutions for a work environment which enables people to do hard, creative work which they can be passionate about.

We take care about ourselves

For some life starts when work finishes. We see our work as a part of our lives. On a daily base we deliver work with highest effort, every day we explore new paths and learn something new. We acknowledge that ambition without balance isn’t sustainable. Therefore we create a workplace which both challenges and supports us.


We do not run a 100 M Sprint, but a marathon. We earn our money ourselves, without external investors, and invest in sustainable growth. Therefore sometimes things don’t happen the pace we would like, but every decision we take is self determined and in line with our principles. We don’t push for short term profit but for the long run.

We work hard to make work easier

We are alanda

Christoph H.
Junior DeveloperAlways learning new things
David R.
Product OwnerLearning by Doing
Edith S.
Software Developer
Fabian S.
Software DeveloperIn search of truth
Florian W.
Software Developer
Gyula M.
Software Developer
Kristóf Z.
Business Analyst
Marco Dworschak
Marco D.
CEO / FounderNo, pain. No, gain.
Matthias G.
FrontEnd Developer
Maxim A.
Software Developer
Michael B.
Co-FounderGreat things never came from comfort zones
Peter R.
Software Developer
Silvia T.
Business Analyst
Stephan Z.
Software DeveloperAlways look on the bright side of life
Ulla S-B.
Product OwnerKeep on moving !
Yannick K.
Software DeveloperJust Do It √