alanda bpm

The open source plattform for your business process automation application.


BPMN 2.0 Support

alanda bpm supports BPMN standards which reduces implementation effort and enables you to achieve an unprecedented time to market for your process applications.


alanda bpm utilizes the Angular plattform and provides you with ready to use UI elements and the ability for easy creation of your own UI elements.

Simple clean user interface

Intuitive forms allow your users to enter data as they start a new processes and while working on individual tasks.

Document Management

alanda bpm comes with an simple dms modules which enables you to manage documents through your processes or can be integrated in your existing dms solution.


alanda bpm enables your users to collaborate through smart threads which are automatically pre filtered based on the process context currently worked on.

Master Data Management

alanda mdm provides you an simple easy to use system for handling your master data or inventory which are connected with your business processes and visualizes the dependencies between your processes and projects.

Business intelligence

alanda bpm provides you a data warehouse plugin in which you process data is prepared for usage in common business intelligence tools.